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button.gif (607 bytes) 1881 Census  The Village as revealed in the Census of 1881.
button.gif (607 bytes) 1901 Census  The Village as revealed in the Census of 1901.
button.gif (607 bytes) The Great War  Information on villagers who gave up their lives in the 1st World War
button.gif (607 bytes) World War II  Information on villagers who lost their lives during the 2nd World War
The Village School  Memories of the local school.
button.gif (607 bytes) The Village Sign  Erected in recognition of the new Millennium.
button.gif (607 bytes) The Queens Golden Jubilee  Village celebrations on June 3rd 2002.


button.gif (607 bytes) The Hinman Histories Seriously researched articles on many aspects of Lighthorne through the Ages.
button.gif (607 bytes) The Such Collection A fascinating set of old postcards showing views around Lighthorne.
button.gif (607 bytes) The Bells of St Laurence A history of the bells 1557 - 2007


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